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In today's global business environment, independent professional inspection companies are relied upon for the shipments of consumers, producers, international traders and purchasing organisation alike to ensure that contract conditions are fulfilled. CISCO offers an extensive range of quality services. Our range of services is varied and exactly matched to individual needs of the client. We provide our specialised inspection services for the following areas:
Agricultural Commodities
Marine Products
Consumer Services
Quality Assurance & Assessment / Factory Inprocess Control
With the ushering in of economic liberalization, India's export scenario has at last looked up. Today its share in the global market is significant and is poised for a bigger boom. Out of the many factors that has contributed to this surge in trade, the singular point that has the whole world nodding approval is the quality consciousness that has gripped the Indian psyche. This is exactly where CISCO steps in, committed to this new quality revolution. It's accurate and fast determination of quality and quantity of various types of commodities for the last 45 years has endeared it to various trading houses, both domestic and foreign.
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Evolving Quality Consciousness
Quality Assurance And Control
Total Quality Management
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